Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey there!

This blog will be created as a portal for finding great CG tutorials, mainly for 3DS max. I'll only show tutorials that I've personally used and will do a short review of each regarding the various factors such as ease of use, applicability on different projects and general proffesionalism of the final result.

Hope you enjoy it!



'Hard Surface Essentials' - By Grant Warwick - (Hotlinking not possible)

This is a great little tutorial based on modelling high poly hard surfacing with the effect use of tools such as cutting, connecting, bridging and welding on a mesh with turbosmooth applied. It presents the uses of the tools in a neat and efficent way to a variety of objects. It's fairly easy to follow as there aren't a huge amount of tools used, however they are used to great effect.
This tutorial is a fantastic way to brush up on modelling skills for making 3d skills, but keep in mind the high poly count won't be suitable for games. The video can be watched online or download in 4 parts.
This tutorial is for 3DS Max.

Score = 9/10